Hall Of Fame

Helen O'Malley   |   2002

Helen O'Malley was practically brought up on the dancefloor. As the daughter of a ballroom champion, and with her brother as dance partner they won many ballroom championships.

It is no surprise that when line dancing began to take off in Ireland, Helen, like so may, quickly became hooked, eventually starting her own club in 1997. Turning her attention to Choreography, she created the massive international dance hit, Black Coffee which has become one of the all time 'Greats'. Any floor, any country, anywhere in the world - you can bet your boots they'll know and love Black Coffee.

It's not often that someone creates a dance of such monumental importance. Already succesful as a dancer, instructor, choreographer and judge, she also raised over £150,000 for various charities with the legendary Irish Marathons. Admired and respected by the Line dance community she was welcomed as the fifth inductee into the Line dance Hall of Fame in 2002.