Can you impress our judges and create a winning dance?

Judge 1

Darren Bailey

Judge 2

Fred Whitehouse

Judge 3

Maddison Glover

If so you could be on the main stage teaching it at the Crystal Boot Awards in January.

All you have to do is find a great piece of music,
create your own dance and submit a video for judging.
The creator of the winning dance will be invited to teach it at the Crystal Boot Awards.

To proceed you will need your dance script as a pdf, a video of your dance uploaded to a video sharing site and your entry fee of £20.

Rules of entry

Your entrance fee of £20 per dance is helping to support the Crystal Boot Awards during this time of financial pressure.
We thank you for taking part and for your support

•Competition is open to those who have never taught at the CBA.
•Dance must be original and NOT have been taught in public.
•Music must be readily available.
•Entry is by *video only with an accompanying script, you must have your video and script ready before entering.
•Any level of dance or genre of music is acceptable.
•Entries are strictly between 10/11/2021 and 01/12/2021.
If you win and do not wish to teach yourself one of our celebrities will teach it on your behalf.

The winning choreographer will be announced on 01/01/2022.
All entries will be published on Linedancer website after the winning dance has been announced.

Multiple choreographers are accepted however, the prize applies to one individual.
We regret additional CBA places are unlikely to be available.
Travel or other expenses are not included in the prize.

Winner’s Preference:
If you do NOT wish to teach the dance yourself one of our celebrities will teach it on your behalf.

*Video Advice

•Videos to be uploaded to a video sharing site like YouTube, but marked as unlisted. Find out how
•Videos must be filmed 16:9 (horizontally) as in a letterbox
•Say your name and the the name of the dance at the beginning.
•Make sure your whole body is shown throughout the video.
•Use rear phone camera, avoiding mirrored view (iphone has it’s feature using front camera without any problems)
•Camera must be set size into 1920x1080 (30fps) minimum.
•Try to film in good light or daylight.
Remember the judges are not watching you as a dancer.. they are looking at your choreography.. so you can smile, be yourself, relax and enjoy it.