Winners 2013

Dedicated Dance Artist

Natalie Thurlow

Dedicated Dance DJ

Dave Baycroft

Male Dance Personality

Craig Bennett

Female Dance Personality

Rachael McEnaney

International Instructor

Ria Vos

International Choreographer

Ria Vos

UK Instructor

Rachael McEnaney

UK Choreographer

Rachael McEnaney

Absolute Beginner Dance

LDF Let's Dance Forever by Alison & Peter

Beginner Dance

Got My Baby Back by Maggie Gallagher

Improver Dance

Wagon Wheel Rock by Yvonne Anderson

Intermediate Dance

Wow Tokyo by Kate Sala, Ria Vos & The Tokyo Line Dancers

Advanced Dance

Blurred Lines by Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno

Dance Of The Year

Wow Tokyo by Kate Sala & Ria Vos & The Tokyo Line Dancers

Dancers' Choice

John King

Hall Of Fame

Chris Hodgson