Linedancer Hall Of Fame

The Linedancer Magazine Hall of Fame Awards were conceived as a way of honouring
those people whose dedication and commitment to line dancing is worthy of special recognition.

2016Darren Bailey
2015Nicola Lafferty
2014Kate Sala
2013Chris Hodgson
2012Rachael McEnaney
2012Pedro Machado
2011Martha Ogasawara
2010Robbie McGowan Hickie
2009Glenn Rogers
2008Steve Healy
2007John Robinson
2006Scott Blevins
2005Roy Verdonk
2005Maggie Gallagher
2005Betty Drummond
2004Liz Clarke
2003Peter Metelnick
2002Rob Fowler
2001Helen O'Malley
2000Scooter Lee
1999Dave Sheriff
1998Max Perry
1998Jo Thompson